Much more than the money

It is easy to see why, on first look, Worcester Soup seems to be all about being the winning pitch and taking home the crowd funded pot of cash – but it is much more than that. When our small team got together in May we wanted to learn the lessons from Detroit. They had put great […]

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The SOUP is hotting up

Hi everyone. So much has been happening, I’ve stored it all up to write one BIG post.  So here goes… We’ve been kindly sponsored by Jigsaw Tree for our 1st Worcester Soup. Their contribution is really helping us set up. All the door money goes straight in to the hands of the winning pitch. YSS have […]

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What a difference a day makes

Another cracking week in the development of SOUP in Worcester. This week has been about following up with souper people who put up their hand and said “I’ll help.” It’s been inspiring to learn more about the breadth of the artistic and charity community in Worcester. With every conversation the need for a Worcester Soup gets stronger. There is […]

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