Projects so far

Aspie Avengers
Football team that provides a relaxed and informal, environment with invaluable benefits to people on the autisic spectrum who may otherwise find difficulty in participating in mainstream phyiscal activities.

Care Ceramics
A not for profit company set up to deliver all types of arts and crafts workshops, with a specialism in pottery and ceramics.

All Sorts of Performing Arts
Theatre school giving local children the chance to build confidence whilst gaining life skills and social interaction developing their goal in various forms of the performing arts.

Worcester Welly Library
Lending children’s wellies to those in need! They aim to help parents provide their child/ren with appropriate footwear. They also accept donations of unwanted wellies from local families, businesses and the community to help reduce the negative impact of landfill.

Recycled Crafts
Using recyclable, reusable and natural resources the group of young volunteers make seasonal crafts which they sell and help raise money for the Worcester Roots Foundation charity.

Mental Health First Aid Kit
Within their emotional support group for young people they have developed with young people a mental health first aid kit. This is a bag of resources that young people can use to help reduce anxiety. The kits have been developed and reviewed with young people which has led to some changes and further development.

It’s a girl thing
In an endeavour to break down barriers ‘Its A Girl Thing’ work with a wonderful eclectic mix of people in sewing and fundraising groups to show we can ALL work together for the greater good. These include Hippies, Muslims, Pagans, Christians and Quakers, plus people of no particular belief system.

Repair Café
The Repair Cafe will be a monthly event where members of the public can bring broken household items to expert repairers, and learn how to fix small them (electrical items, clothes, stools, toys etc.) A key part of the Repair Cafe is that it promotes social cohesion – connecting people in the local community.

Can we inspire you (St Pauls)
St Paul`s creative group`s idea is to use money raised to publish a booklet with poetry written by our members which will create an awareness of all the talent within the homeless community & be a useful tool with which to use to reach out to our local community;

Arts Safe Spaces
This project takes artists into challenging or disjointed communities across Worcestershire to work with young people 16-25 to help create social change.

Circus skills for self confidence (New Hope)
The children & young people who attend New Hope enjoy visits from Juggling Jim as part of their family events but they can’t afford to have him visit as regularly as they would like. The children who tried the tricks (such as a tightrope walk) came away from the day really proud of themselves and saw an increase in their self-confidence.