Encouraging week. Onwards & upwards…

I’m encouraged. Its been a outstanding start to the week.

  • I’m encouraged by the response to the idea from Worcester people. You get it 🙂
  • I’m encouraged by the support from the Worcester Volunteer Centre.
  • I’m encouraged by the kind words of support from the growing number of twitter followers @worcestersoup
  • I’m encouraged by the positive response from friends, family and colleagues
  • I’m encouraged by the ground swell of SOUPs in the UK (take a look at this page https://worcestersoup.co.uk/uk-soups) Particular thanks to Colchester, Southend and Sheffield for your offers of help and top tips. Things are moving fast.
  • I’m encouraged by the contact with Grandfriend – a fantastic local new venture

If you live in or around Worcester it would be fantastic to hear from you. If you want to help. If you want to submit a project. If you want to just register your interest and support, sign up through this website or contact me directly. I’d love to hear from you today.

It will be brilliant to grow a SOUP in Worcester and we’re off and running. Watch this space 🙂 and let me have your comments and ideas.


4 thoughts on “Encouraging week. Onwards & upwards…

  1. Hi Bruce – thank you for telling me about this. I’ve passed it on to a friend in Bristol who has a large network of community minded friends. I hope your soup continues to thrive! Nova

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