Souping it up UK

I’d just like to say thank you to a few of the people who have helped move Worcester Soup forward this week with their enthusiasm and encouragement

  • Thanks to Twitter friends @colchestersoup for their help and advice
  • Thanks to a new soup friend who contacted me on Sunday to compare notes. She is starting a SOUP in another city soon. Great news.
  • Thanks to a national magazine journalist who contacted me on Tuesday about the development of SOUP in the UK. Great to see others following the BBCs lead
  • Thanks to those who have come forward to say they will help organise or attend Worcester Soup. Keep spreading the word 🙂
  • Thanks to new Twitter and facebook friends who have shared and commented

It’s amazing to see SOUPs springing up all around the country and brilliant to be able to share ideas and spur each other on. 

Keep telling others about Worcester Soup and sharing on Twitter, facebook and Streetlife. I’ll have more news on Wednesday so please register your details and I’ll keep you informed of progress.

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