How does it run on the day?

We welcome you to donate your £4 entry (you can give more if you wish)

Worcester Soup kicks off. This is your chance to look at the project info boards, meet some new people and talk to the presenters ahead of their pitches. You have until just before 4pm to chat, set down the food you have brought to share and find your seat.

We’ll introduce how the rest of the afternoon will flow and let you know more about Worcester Soup. Then it’s time for the presentations to start. Each person pitching gets 4 minutes to present their idea or project (no powerpoint allowed!). After each presentation the audience has the opportunity to ask the presenter 4 questions about their project.

Now it’s time for the dinner and voting. On each table there will be more information on each project for you to discuss with your fellow soupers and there will be plenty of food to share including soup!, bread and salad. There will be boards up on the wall for you to get more info about the projects and you will also have an opportunity to chat to the people pitching. During this time it’s also decision time. Who will you vote for?

We use this time for special features and for our previous winner to update us on their progress.

We’ll announce the winner of the vote, present them with the money raised on the door and invite them back to tell us all how they have used the money.