Submit project or idea

Worcester Soup is a great way to build community support, raise money and make connections that can help you carry out your project.

Simply your idea or project can be anything as long as its aim is to benefit Worcester in some way.

There are only two rules for presenters, the first is you can’t use technology to present and the second is that the idea presented must benefit Worcester City.

How do I submit a project or idea?

Submit your idea or project today or give us a call and you could be pitching at Worcester Soup.

If you prefer you can download a Word version of the Worcester Soup proposal form here Worcester Soup proposal form and guidance notes

If your proposal is chosen, we’ll contact you at least 7 days before the date of the dinner. You may submit your proposals more than one time if you are not successful first time around. We will support the people pitching beforehand to help develop and practice their pitch so don’t worry if you’re not used to standing in front of a crowd.

How much could I get if I’m the winning pitch?

Grant size will depend on the number of people attending each dinner so spread the word to get a good crowd of people attending. Last time our winner took home more than £300. Even if you don’t win the money you will go home with a load of support from fellow Soupers and the experience from other Soups in the UK is that all projects benefit from the combined experience of the people in the room. You may even recruit some new volunteers to help you.

What kind of projects are eligible? 

You can come up with any idea you wish. This could be an artistic venture, a business idea or anything that helps the community. It can be of individual, group and/or community benefit. The more structure you have to your idea, and the better your plan, the more likely it will be that people will vote for you – so be prepared!
Here is some more information on previous pitches.

Submit your proposal here