What a difference a day makes

Another cracking week in the development of SOUP in Worcester. This week has been about following up with souper people who put up their hand and said “I’ll help.”

It’s been inspiring to learn more about the breadth of the artistic and charity community in Worcester. With every conversation the need for a Worcester Soup gets stronger. There is so much positivity and a deep felt desire, to connect, collaborate, support and share. Make a difference in Worcester, however small.

One of those souper people I met at http://yss.org.uk/ at Carden St. Café. I highly recommend a visit. All the details are here  I learnt more about their work and love their “Making it happen!” attitude. We shared ideas and we’re now acting on them so watch this space.

Please continue to register your interest, come forward if you want to help, pitch your idea or project. We would love to hear from you. Very soon we will be able to share a date and venue for the 1st Worcester Soup so please register with us, it’s going to be great.

Every day this week has surprised me with your response. What a difference a day makes 🙂


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