It’s your Soup. Our Soup. It’s official.

That’s right. Worcester now has Soup.

I am very pleased to announce that we have confirmed today that Worcester’s inaugural Soup will be on September 13th 5.30pm to 8.30pm at S.T.A.R.S. in Stanley Road.

Our small (but perfectly formed) team have been working hard to get up and running over the last month. We are very excited to get the point where we can let you know where and when Worcester Soup will be happening and start uncovering those small ideas and projects that have the potential to make a huge difference to the people of Worcester.


Soup works. It’s proven in other cities in the UK.
We know Soup works. Since starting our Worcester Soup website and twitter page in April the UK has gone from 4 Soups to now over 15 (and that is just the ones we know about!). We are connecting with all UK Soups and are benefiting from, in some case, years of experience running Soups in their towns and cities. We are also connected with Detroit Soup. The originators. If you haven’t seen it already check out the BBC article It shows what can be achieved. In addition to the 4 of us there are also a wider group of merry helpers who have very kindly put up their hands to help. If you want to join them then please register your interest using the form here. We’d love to have you along.

Here is our new flyer. Please spread the word and register your interest to attend on the website. It’s open to everyone. We’d love to have loads of people at the first Worcester Soup. The more people. The more money goes to the winning idea or project. The more people the more encouragement all those ideas get. What’s not to like 🙂


We need your ideas
Now we have a date and a venue we now need your ideas for projects that can help Worcester be the best it can be. It could be that your group needs a few funds to continue your community activity or it might just be a very simple idea just like some of the ones in Detroit in the US or Colchester and Southend-on-Sea in the UK. Check out their websites to see some of the great ideas that have already been put in to action. There have been coats that have been made in to sleeping bags for the homeless. Bus stop benches that double up as community libraries! Broken potting wheels that have been repaired to continue serving the community. It’s clear that small ideas can make a big impact.

That’s it for now. We’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks but now things can really get rolling. Watch out for more  on the team, info on projects, more about our fantastic venue, the Soup!, how you can help, the list goes on… Please register your interest, tell your friends and keep up to date on twitter @worcestersoup and Facebook /worcestersoup.

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