The SOUP is hotting up

Hi everyone. So much has been happening, I’ve stored it all up to write one BIG post.  So here goes… We’ve been kindly sponsored by Jigsaw Tree for our 1st Worcester Soup. Their contribution is really helping us set up. All the door money goes straight in to the hands of the winning pitch. YSS have […]

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What a difference a day makes

Another cracking week in the development of SOUP in Worcester. This week has been about following up with souper people who put up their hand and said “I’ll help.” It’s been inspiring to learn more about the breadth of the artistic and charity community in Worcester. With every conversation the need for a Worcester Soup gets stronger. There is […]

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Souping it up UK

I’d just like to say thank you to a few of the people who have helped move Worcester Soup forward this week with their enthusiasm and encouragement Thanks to Twitter friends @colchestersoup for their help and advice Thanks to a new soup friend who contacted me on Sunday to compare notes. She is starting a […]

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Encouraging week. Onwards & upwards…

I’m encouraged. Its been a outstanding start to the week. I’m encouraged by the response to the idea from Worcester people. You get it 🙂 I’m encouraged by the support from the Worcester Volunteer Centre. I’m encouraged by the kind words of support from the growing number of twitter followers @worcestersoup I’m encouraged by the positive response […]

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How it could work…

Attendees pay £4 and vote on which project they think benefits the community the most. The winner goes home with all of the money raised at the door to carry out their project! At the dinner, Worcester residents and supporters connect, share ideas and community resources. Working on a project that benefits Worcester? Submit your proposal here and […]

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