Care Ceramics CIC

Care Ceramics CIC is a Community Interest Company set up to provide pottery activities to adults with a learning disability and other groups who may find it difficult to access arts activity. Care Ceramics is outreach and centre based work with the aim to provide interesting pottery activity with the potential to develop skills in making items for retail. We need an extruder, this produces coils of clay which can then be used to build up a pot. Some people find it really difficult to roll regular shaped and size coils without this aid.  The aim is to make the activity accessible to more people. Sessions can be available for the general public as well as for children, young adults, older people and people with disabilities.

How will you use the money?
The grant money from this event will go towards a piece of equipment called an extruder which helps to make our hand built projects more accessible. A new extruder costs £500 plus delivery, although I am looking for a 2nd hand one. I would use crowdfunding as a potential to raise any shortfall for the extruder. Some free taster sessions will also be available and the number of these could be increased dependent on the amount of funding. Costs of renting space and for kiln hire at the venue could also be covered.

Project start:
The project is aiming to start in September/October 2015 by providing centre based and outreach work

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