Winner of Worcester Soup #2


Congratulations to our winner in December.

It’s A Girl

In an endeavour to break down barriers ‘Its A Girl Thing’ work with a wonderful eclectic mix of people in sewing and fundraising groups to show we can ALL work together for the greater good. These include Hippies, Muslims, Pagans, ChristianSharon_Bruce_bws and Quakers, plus people of no particular belief system.

This started when I worked in a women’s centre and we made sanitary wear for women in Nigeria. The group in Worcester now is not just about feminine hygiene products that we provide for the dignity of women in places like Malawi, Kenya and Uganda. It is very much about bringing together different people in the community to do this.

Through giving talks at local groups such as Worcester Arts Centre, Age UK and the Quakers we now have people who originally came from Japan and from  Asia, people from a hippy background and people from different religious backgrounds all meeting together as a group and breaking down barriers. Our work has united people who would not normally come together and created a peace between them. I was fortunate to win an award from 67 Change Makers – which is for people who change the world in their own way. Our sewing circles are a great way for people who are new to the area or who are feeling isolated to come and be part of something special.

Donations will be used to buy more materials to produce sanitary wear for young girls who without them have to stay off school and to ship them to areas where they are needed.

Sharon Multani
It’s a girl thing


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