Detroit meets Worcester tomorrow. Will you be there?

Hi. It has been a while since I’ve managed to get the time to write a blog entry, but with just over 24 hours to go until our first Soup it was clearly time to make time.

So much has happened it is tricky to know where to start.

I think I’ll start with some announcements for tomorrow.

I’ve added details to the home page on some frequently asked questions. Take a look as there is info on parking, food and seating that it’s worth just checking before you arrive. Worcester Soup starts at 5.30pm but the dinner part isn’t until 7pm. Although there will be some food available before that, if you are used to eating earlier I just wanted to make you aware. Please bring food for yourself and to share and of course there will be a special soup made for us by our friends at Cafe Bliss.

Special guest: Amy from Detroit Soup will be joining us
I am very very pleased to tell you that Amy Kaherl, Director of Detroit Soup and the energy behind the development of Soup worldwide will be joining us in Worcester tomorrow to help us kick off Worcester Soup in style. We met Amy earlier in the week in London when she was running a workshop for SOUPs in the UK and she agreed to join us for the evening. Thank you Amy and it is going to be fantastic to welcome you to Worcester.

Voice Unlimited: The VU Sound will be joining us too!
Ria Keen,  Musical Director of The VU Sound, has been brilliant in offering to help Worcester Soup launch with the many voices of their awesome contemporary vocal group. Voice Unlimited will be singing a special 15 minute set for us just before the vote is announced.

We’re all excited to be starting Worcester Soup tomorrow and supporting 4 great projects. Worcester Soup will be the success that you make it. Not your usual Sunday night!

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.



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